Omsai Distributors | Infusion Set with Burette
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Infusion Set with Burette

Infusion Set with Burette

(60 drops) / 150ml Chamber / Y-Injection Port / Luer Lock with Cap
Product Code: PB150


  • Air-Vented Spike
  • 150ml Burette Chamber
  • 60 drops drip chamber
  • Fluid Filter
  • 150cm PVC Tubing
  • Latex Free Y-Injection Port
  • Luer Lock


  • Convenient to mix the prescribed medication volume into the solution
  • Allows fine control of fluid volumes
  • Work as an alternative to use small 50ml or 100ml bags of fluid during Infusion Therapy
  • Provides both volume control and more accurate control of the speed of administration of fluid or medications


  • Remain accuracy for the solution and medication to be infused to the patients
  • Visibility for fluid level compared to normal drip chamber
  • Stop the fluid automatically when fluid runs empty
  • Prevent air entry into infusion line
  • Reduce the risk of Air Embolism
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